Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay

Lee County, FL reports on HAZUS-MH estimates for Tropical Storm Fay

As Tropical Storm Fay rumbled away from Lee County on Tuesday afternoon toward central Florida, the Lee county Emergency Operation Center utilized HAZUS-MH to estimate that the storm left a $3.3 million total economic loss in its wake.

To read the complete article in the Cape Coral Daily Breeze, click here...

Broward County's Perspective on the use of Geospatial Technology during Tropical Storm Fay

Scott Burton the GIS Manager for the Broward County Sheriff's Department posted a good discussion of how the Broward Sheriff's Office used HurrTRAK and Hurrevac for tracking and analyzing wind probability and wind forcast estimation. Scott gave premission to post his discussion here. To see a copy of the discussion, (.pdf) click here...

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