Monday, January 19, 2009

HAZUS on a MAC !!!

Phil McCormick from the Riverside City Fire Department reports ... we were finally able to get HAZUS working on the MACs for the Grad students. So far, here is what we found and have done:

DESKTOP with Windows XP, full-version of Office Suite, HAZUS MR3 and a full version ARCGIS 9.3 via a network

Increased the memory to 4GB, upgraded to a 500GB harddrive, and doubled the standard Windows partition. It ran OK until we added the HAZUS patches and then it didn’t work well, so we reloaded it without the patches and it seems to be working fine with HAZUS. It is a little slower then my Dell laptop, but not that much.

MacBook Pro with Windows XP, student -version of Office Suite, HAZUS MR3 and a stand alone student version ARCGIS 9.3

Increased the memory to 4GB, kept the 320GB harddrive, and doubled the standard Windows partition. The Student version of ARCGIS doesn’t come with all of the files needed to run HAZUS so they are upgrading her to a single use license of 9.3. It appears as though it will run quite a bit slower then my Dell laptop.

Neither platform seems to want to work with CDMS. Our IT and the University computer folks are still playing with both systems to see what they can do.

This activity is part of a joint program with the City of Riverside and UC Riverside to use HAZUS-MH to do an assessment of the schools campus. is following this development ... as things evolve we will follow this thread on the Technical Blog

UPDATE: Since we are getting some comments on this thread I thought I'd move it to the top again. Also check out the latest Status Report on the release of HAZUS-MH MR4

Email Comment: Kevin Mickey from the Polis Center commented via email - "This is just a reminder that neither HAZUS or CDMS is certified with ArcGIS 9.3 at this time. HAZUS will be ArcGIS 9.3 compatible with the release of MR3 Patch 3 which should be out in the next few weeks. CDMS will be ArcGIS 9.3 compatible with the release of CDMS 2.5 and HAZUS MR4 which should both come out sometime in the March/April/May timeframe."



Anonymous GIS MAC Guru said...

As a long time MAC GIS user I felt obligated to express some cautions about this issue.

#1 This is not HAZUS on a MAC it is HAZUS on a MAC running Windows. The newer MACs can now run WINDOWS like PCs.

#2 I have seen many instances where things appear to run 100% but subtle problems exist. If the FEMA/NIBS folks do not certify HAZUS running in this configuration you need to be very careful.

January 19, 2009 at 8:03 AM  

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