Monday, June 1, 2009

HAZUS-MH MR3 Service Patch 3 is NOW AVAILABLE!!!

HAZUS-MH MR3 Service Patch 3 (SP3) is now available for download. With this update HAZUS-MH is certified to operate on Windows XP SP3 and either ArcGIS 9.2 SP5 or ArcGIS 9.3 SP1.

Service Patch 3 includes 20 enhancements in the flood model. Among the most significant of these are the integration of updated regression equations for all 50 states and optimization of annualized loss calculations.

View FEMA HAZUS-MH MR3 SP3 Release Notes

Download HAZUS-MH MR 3 SP3 (note this is a large file, ~600MB file)

MR4 Status ... back in early May reported that HAZUS-MH MR4 is expected to be delivered to FEMA in the latter half of June ... Patch 1 for MR4 is planned for late August ... CDMS 2.5 is planned for a late June or early July delivery. is starting to get comments on this post. Comments are moderated but can be anonymous. Get your opinion heard and help others with this download and installation. Click on the "comment" link at the end of this post.



Anonymous Frustrated said...

A 600 MB SSL download! Is FEMA providing DVDs? I got to get special permission from my IT manager to even start a dl like this!

June 1, 2009 at 4:39 PM  

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