Monday, January 3, 2011

First Release of OpenQuake Engine

Version 0.2 of OpenQuake has just been released; the first public release of a series leading up to a comprehensive computational engine that will power seismic hazard and risk assessment applications. The current version is an alpha-version aimed at code-developers, and newer versions are being released each 3 months with new or expanded features and functionality. Initial user-interfaces are planned for the V0.3 release of March 2011, to better enable the user community to participate in the OpenQuake project.

OpenQuake was created as part of the global collaborative effort GEM (Global Earthquake Model), as an engine for GEM’s risk assessment platform OpenGEM, which aims to serve a full spectrum of users by 2013 in assessing and modeling earthquake risk, and in communicating it through maps and other types of output, so that it can be shared. OpenQuake’s initial development is based on the requirements that emanate from the development of models, databases and standards by scientists and practitioners from around the world, within the scope of GEM.


Global Earthquake Model (GEM)


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