Friday, December 19, 2008

Project Impact Initiative to Create Disaster-Resistant Communities Demonstrates Worth in Kansas Years Later

Emergency Management News has a recent article on Project Impact, a short-lived FEMA initiative that worked to create disaster-resistant communities, showed that teamwork by different government levels and the private and nonprofit sectors can do amazing things when they're working in close partnership with one another. The article docyuments how past experiences can provide a guide for future adaptation. READ MORE

Did you know that and the concept for a nation-wide network of HAZUS User Groups evolved from a Project Impact initiative? In 1998 FEMA funded an initiative called the Development of HAZUS Earthquake Risk Assessment Capabilities for the San Francisco Bay Area, California. At the first organizing meeting for this initiative the Western Disaster Center stepped up to provide an informational web site, Later FEMA Region IX funded the initial expansion of to support HAZUS User Groups throughout FEMA Region IX.



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