Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Student HAZUS projects at UWF

In our never ending search for interesting things for the HAZUS User Community, HAZUS.org has stumbled on "Applications in GIS at the University of West Florida (UWF)" ...

The class is currently working with HAZUS-MH and the students are presenting their projects on-line using Blogger. Amber Bloeche who is the coordinator of the UWF Online Certificate Program reports they installed HAZUS-MH on a virtual machine for students to access GIS software from a terminal server and despite a few glitches, it is working well! Students log into a remote server and have full access to ArcGIS Desktop, Microsoft Visual Studio and ERDAS Imagine!

We encourage the HAZUS user community to follow the students posts and offer their help and encouragement.


HAZUS.org and the folks at UWF have prepared a "HAZUS Success Story" summarizing the UWF efforts to develop a virtual on-line HAZUS-MH training system. HAZUS.org believes that this approach is the future of HAZUS-MH training. HAZUS.org has offered this "HAZUS Success Story" to FEMA for inclusion on the FEMA HAZUS Resources. DOWNLOAD



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