Friday, September 16, 2011

Community Resilience Initiative

The Community Resilience Initiative (CRSI) was a collaborative process of the Community and Regional Resilience Institute (CARRI) involving more than 150 practitioners and researchers charged with determining what American communities need in order to become more resilient to all hazards, and also to provide a concrete course of action to support communities in their resilience-building efforts.

CARRI recently released a report intended to provide America’s communities with a set of tools and processes that will help prepare for disasters and improve their resilience. The report, titled “Community Resilience System Initiative (CRSI) Steering Committee Final Report—a Roadmap to Increased Community Resilience,” builds on over three years of academic research, practical experience, broad collaboration with partner communities and other national stakeholders.

According to CARRI, the web-friendly process can help any community assess its capacity to withstand significant disturbances and help them create an approach to recovery. “By creating a vision for the future and establishing the necessary actions to improve overall resilience to disasters and other disturbances, this system will help people prepare for—and recover from—any challenge.”





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