Monday, October 17, 2011

Rapid Observation of Vulnerability and Estimation of Risk (ROVER)

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has announced the release of Rapid Observation of Vulnerability and Estimation of Risk (ROVER), fast, free, mobile software for pre- and post-earthquake building safety screening. ROVER is available on CD-ROM (FEMA P-154 ROVER CD) from the FEMA Publications Warehouse or via online download.

Highlights of the new ROVER software include:

One-time data entry to a built-in database
Captures data via digital photos
Determines building geolocation
Exports to Google Earth for mapping
Imports pre-existing data
Speeds post-earthquake safety assessment by accessing pre-earthquake data
Allows for remote management of screening
Optionally integrates with USGS ShakeCast for seismic monitoring of buildings and with FEMA’s HAZUS-MH to estimate future building repair costs, casualties, and loss of use

To order FEMA P-154 ROVER CD from the Publications Warehouse, call 1 (800) 480-2520 or fax your request to (240) 699-0525.

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