Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Flood Risk Perception

The folks at the (Congressional) Hazards Caucus Alliance recently diostributed an interesting paper ... "Flood risk perception in lands ‘‘protected’’ by 100-year levees"... MORE INFO

The discussion in the paper on the perceptions of the folks living behind levees in the California Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta was most interesting.

FYI ... Stefan Zink who was then at Michael Baker Jr., Imc. presented a paper at the March 4, 2008 meeting of the Bay Area HAZUS User Group that might also be of interested to the flood community. This paper addresses some of the problems in trying to use HAZUS-MH to model levee related flooding in the Sacramento region.

Behind Levee Scenarios in HAZUS: Exploring Possibilities with Different Data Sources, DOWNLOAD


The Geospatial Desktop - Open Source GIS & Mapping

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

HAZ-I Tools to Internationalize Hazus-MH

This presentation discusses a simplified approach (4 steps) to create a HAZUS study region for international applications.



Monday, January 2, 2012

FEMA's Emergency Management Institute HAZUS Training for 2012

E170Hazus-MH for Hurricanes EnrollJan 9- 12, 2012

E172 Hazus-MH for Flood Enroll Jul 16-19, 2012

E174 Hazus-MH for Earthquake Enroll Dec 19- 21, 2011

E176Hazus-MH for Floodplain Managers EnrollApr 23- 26, 2012

E179Application of Hazus-MH for Disaster Operations EnrollFeb 13- 16, 2012

E190ArcGIS for Emergency Managers EnrollApr 30- May 3, 2012

E296 Application of Hazus-MH for Risk Assessment Enroll Jan 16- 19, 2012
Sep 17-20, 2012

E313 Basic Hazus-MH Enroll Apr 2-5, 2012
E317 Comprehensive Data Management for Hazus-MH Enroll Jun 18-21, 2012