Tuesday, July 27, 2010

4th Annual 2010 HAZUS User Conference

August 23-25, 2010

Indiana Government Center - South Building
302 West Washington St
Indianapolis, IN 46204

To register, Click Here...

FEMA HAZUS-MH Conferences Site...


Friday, July 23, 2010

National Report Card on Protecting Children During Disasters

Fewer than one quarter of all states and the District of Columbia have enacted basic safeguards to protect kids who are in school or child care during disasters. READ MORE

Save the Children: PRESS RELEASE


Tornadoes: Understanding How They Develop and Providing Early Warning

Presentations from the July 21, 1010 Hazards Caucus Alliance Briefing Series: MORE INFO

Hazards Caucus Alliance: Tornado Fact Sheet

HAZUS.org/Western Disaster Center is a member of the Hazards Caucus Alliance ...


Friday, July 16, 2010

ShakeAlert - Earthquake warnings coming soon

The proposed ShakeAlert system will detect strong shaking at an earthquake's epicenter and transmit alerts ahead of the damaging earthquake waves. The speed of an electronic warning message is faster than the speed of earthquake waves traveling through the earth. Potential applications include stopping elevators at the nearest floor, slowing or halting trains, monitoring critical systems, and alerting people to move to safer locations. In warning systems deployed abroad, alerts are distributed via TV and radio networks, the Internet, cell phones and pagers.

One technology called cellular broadcast being developed in Japan would allow providers to broadcast to all towers in the affected region and all phones will receive the warning simultaneously -- no addressing to individuals." READ MORE; USGS Press Release


Monday, July 12, 2010

ArcGIS 10

HAZUS.org has just received our first inquiry concerning compatibility of HAZUS.-MH with ArcGIS 10 ... a HAZUS user says he cannot install HAZUS-MH with ArchGIS 10 ...

Anybody else out there have the same problem? .. is there a work around yet ??

Update: July 13, 2010: The HAZUS-MH Help Desk is saying "Planning-wise, certified support is planned for MR7 release (March 2011)" ...


Friday, July 9, 2010

HAZUS Flood Model Validation Project

The goal of the Association of State Floodplain Managers HAZUS Flood Model validation project was to assess the horizontal and vertical (flood depth) accuracy of the HAZUS generated floodplain boundary. To perform this assessment, ASFPM used the HAZUS-MH Flood Model and boundary delineation outputs and compared against detailed floodplain studies for three (3) pilot areas, which included the following:

* Roan Gully and Willow Creek, Harris County, TX
* Doby Creek and Mallard Creek, Mecklenburg County, NC
* Open and Bay Coastlines, Suffolk County, NY

Download Report (.pdf) ...



Thursday, July 1, 2010

Researchers Propose New Disaster Risk Model

Researchers in China have developed a new environmental catastrophe risk assessment model, which has implications for predicting risk for both natural and man-made environmental disasters in the United States. Read More...

Assessment of Catastrophic Risk Using Bayesian Network Constructed from Domain Knowledge and Spatial Data:
Read Report On-Line